Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to town

I am back. Back to town. I had a fantastic time the past week, but now I am back. Not really happy about that I could say. Vacations are never enough. I was in the wild nature of Samothraki, camping in the woods, but none the less Athens seems now more of a jungle to me and definitely a wild one.

I noticed something I want to share. While on my vacations they were times I was afraid of the possibility coming face to face with a snake, a spider or bugs in general. And actually I did saw three snakes, one next to the waterfall rocks where I was swimming and the other two while walking in the woods leaving "Fonias" (translated 'Killer' in Greek) canyon. It was scary for me but I think even more for the snakes. Thank god we both kept a safe distance. Anyway, what I want to say is that the first two days in town I felt an unexplained, undesirable, exaggerated and useless fear. A fear of negative thoughts, like something was going to attack me or like having a thief in my house. Every little noise I heard made me look around like something bad was there. And for sure heavy noises are always in town to make your nervous system go crazy. I even thought that the noises could be some supernatural beings. So now I am wondering where is the jungle? Where should I be most afraid? Is nature dangerous or can town sometimes be more aggressive making you feel unprotective?

Walking towards "Fonias" canyon

A tree cut in two crabbed my attention

Green colour and weird trees were plenty

Beautiful blue

V shape tree

Water was abundant in the island

Amazing dragonflies in sapphire green were dancing like pixies above the water

The waterfall is behind the rock on the left and the water was rejuvenating cold

Cats were everywhere very alive and friendly

Remember the snakes I was talking about. This was the bigger I saw and no no no I didn't shoot that picture. At that time I was too busy trying to putt on my sandals and get as far as possible.

The temple of ancient gods, Kaviri. Mainly worshiped in ancient Greece during 4rth and 3rd century B.C. This place had a wonderful energy and I couldn't resist from meditating for few minutes.

Driving through the green side of the island near camping, the other half was a more dry landscape

Not much of desirable seas, but the specific beach was so calming that I didn't realize 4 hours passing by doing nothing more than relaxing

Walking through "Fonias" canyon

Splish Splash-ing near the waterfall

Taking a dive. Dedicated to all of you getting ready for vacations...hope you have a joyful and refreshing time!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pure Bliss, a place to be

This was supposed to be a much older post. I went to Pure Bliss for the first time a month ago. A friend of mine, Rdekko, an interior designer was presenting fresh ideas for summer balconies. I had a great time in a great place.

All made under the philosophy of re-use, re-cycle and colour. More about the ideas of that day you can read here.

Pure Bliss is an alternative multiplace located down town Athens, very easy accessible near Sydagma and Monastiraki metro station. There you can enjoy your bio-coffee or an organic salad for lunch. You can do yoga or have an ethnic dance class. And of course last but not least you can attend to any of the free seminars or events they give every month.

That day I stayed there for hours after the coffee the carrot veggie pie (delicious btw) came and after the pie the cocktails. The signature drink of Pure Bliss...Vodka with jasmine I think...was fantastic. Even though I am not a vodka fun I loved it. Make sure you taste it if you go!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Favarte does miracles

Saturday morning I had a new package delivery at my door. Just one day before leaving on vacations. I can't even describe the anticipation while opening my goodies this time.

It was the package from favarte! For finding out about favarte I actually have to thank chichipiru and her similar post a month ago. From that moment on I fell in love with the work of favarte. It's all about her technique of decoupage, her very unique papers and combinations and the touch she gives to the last detail.

She is mainly into jewelry and house-wares. I got a set of 4 coasters with colourful flowers, very summery and a lovely custom made door hanger for my Aromatherapy working room at home.

very carefully packaged with a thank you card

beautiful retro paper stickers closing each envelope

even the ending of the envelope is nothing ordinary

These coasters are just to begin with. Favarte has many different designs, one of a kind and I am already thinking about my next set.

a closer look

My door hanger for the Aromatherapy working room at home. Now I can blend my essential oils and have the little pixie at the door keeping me company.

We exchanged few emails, I verified my order from her etsy shop and in 2 days I had them delivered with courier at my door. That simple!

A package like this can make your day. Don't you agree?

ps: As I mentioned in the beginning this post was written a day before leaving for vacations. So, now that you are reading most probably I will be somewhere by the sea or near a waterfall. I scheduled the post to come up during the week, because I didn't feel like leaving my blog empty of words for days. During this week that I am away there are more scheduled posts to come up. Stay tuuuuned and En(ergy)Joy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A butter from Bacchia

It's so nice having packages delivered to your door. I always get the anticipation like a little child opening the Christmas presents even though I know what's inside.

Yesterday morning the mailman delivered for me this small carton box.

It was my Murumuru hair conditioning butter I had ordered 4 days ago from Bacchia, an eco ethnical e-shop.

I think I learned about Bacchia from their facebook group and when I entered the on line shop I was happy to find out that at last a professional e-shop with natural products is based in Greece. I am not aware yet of another similar e-shop here. Of course I wanted to experience the whole service and this was going to be my first online order (apart from an Amazon book order once). I thought nothing could be better than loosing my e-shopping virginity from a Greek e-shop. So, I ordered their product of the month, the Murumuru Butter, a pre-washed deep-conditioning butter for dry hair from Amazonia.

I even tried it on last night. It really has a buttery texture and a peanut scent. I applied it on wet hair in the shower and I found it a bit difficult to spread. Also I had to wash them several times to take off the butter. I did found my hair quit soft afterwards, but nothing really extra soft. Maybe next time I shall apply it on dry hair first and wash them later.

My hair can get very mixed-up and I can hardly comb them sometimes. What do you do for soft hair?

ps: At Bacchia I finished my order in 2 minutes and paid from my pay-pal account. Everything was so easy and fast.

Friday, July 17, 2009

When shoes turn into aRt

Yesterday I received the call Ι was impatiently waiting for the last weeks. It was Irene Goulandri on the other side of the phone and told me the magic words... I have them ready!

Let me not confuse you anymore and let me start from the beginning.

About 3 to 4 weeks ago I visited a good friend from my previous neighborhood for some chitchat over coffee and I was lucky to meet there her other friend, relative and artist Irene Goulandri. Most probably you don't know but I have a passion for shoes and of course it took me less than 5 minutes in my friend's house to notice the fabulous sandals they were both wearing. They were so arty and at the same time seemed very comfy. They had something that I had never seen before so I couldn't resist from ordering 2 pairs. These 2 pairs I brought back home today after meeting I.G.

It really feels nice seeing the signature on my sandals.

I really like the originality of the drawings, that each piece is unique and of course what could be better than a pair of comfy, 100% natural leather, happy looking flat sandals in the summer!

Check more of her unique sandals here and here. And don't forget to see more of her stuff here. She is also into hats, bags, candles and much more. Have to admit though that she is not into technology much since her site is very simple, but she is easy accessible on the phone numbers you see on her site or you can visit her workroom in Athens, so I think that does it for me.

ps1: Her candles also are really something, but let that be another post.
ps2: I found prices reasonable.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunny days

Ok, I am back ...for few days now, but you know I was really trying to get used to the fact that I am back to town and I wasn't in the mood of posting all the fantastic nature photos I shoot during my vacations.

I went to the sunniest place I could go. I went to Ilia, the female sun in Greek. It's a small beach 10 minutes after Aedipso at Evia island. There was the room with a view, after 10 steps there was the beach, after 2 steps there was the sea and somewhere in between there was the food. Homemade Greek cooking. All day long I didn't bother moving my a** anywhere further than the scene I just described.

I don't want to say much more...and as I promised let the photos "show" you around the little earthy and sunny paradise! Or maybe I 'll start with a video first...En(ergy)Joy!

Ilia beach at the afternoon. The crane at the end of the beach was there only few days working on the new port.

Endless blue.

The view from the tavern at lunch time.

The combination of the mountain with the sea is what touched me more.

Beautiful flowers at the garden of the apartment we rented.

Cute small tomatoes. Aren't they? And delicious I bet.


Ilia sunset.

You could always keep thin I guess if eating and living in such an environment.

For hours I lied on the beach watching at the summer sky with an almost full moon. (click on the photo for a better view)

You can't imagine how many of those I brought with me. Thinking about decorating my balcony and my plants.

I love how clouds shape. With a little of imagination you can see a whole zoo sometimes.

You can't see it on the photo, but this wooden huge anti-tan umbrella had my stuff under all day. Never moved them until late at night before going to bed.

The beach road is even less than a km.

After reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach seven years ago, seagulls are my soft spot. A great book btw. (don't forget to click on the photo for a better view)

I had a great relaxing-meditating time in Ilia...what else can I say. The place is peaceful and therapeutic.

ps: In case you go make sure is not high season, because I guess this peaceful place can easily turn into noise!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Green like Garden

I had a great Sunday! I went to a friends house in the north suburbs of Athens and I had a lovely time swimming in a tropical rainy weather in one of the best swimming pools I 've ever dive into. And took many photos of their fantastic green green green garden... full of oregon, spearmint, lavender, basil and many other herbs, just like every garden that respects it self should have.

I 'll just cut to the chase...EnJoy!

a bio-pool with natural salt, can you imagine? You feel like drinking from there, believe me


oregano again, I love it



lavender, also seen here and here, as lavender is good for body use as well as home use

pink flowers

louisa, I think

olive tree

just green green green leaves

...and red leaves

the tree next to the pool at a late afternoon photo

All these are only few of what I shoot, more to come up next time.

In a few hours I will be leaving for some days on vacations. Not much, two steps from the sea, two more from the restaurant and even less for the room. As you can understand I will be lazing on a daily base. My four word poem for these days will be: Swimming, Eating, Sleeping, Reading and there we start again Swimming, Eating, Sleeping, Reading!

Catch up with you again next week with more nature photos to come, some video maybe, why not and of course with more more more EnERgY!