Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to town

I am back. Back to town. I had a fantastic time the past week, but now I am back. Not really happy about that I could say. Vacations are never enough. I was in the wild nature of Samothraki, camping in the woods, but none the less Athens seems now more of a jungle to me and definitely a wild one.

I noticed something I want to share. While on my vacations they were times I was afraid of the possibility coming face to face with a snake, a spider or bugs in general. And actually I did saw three snakes, one next to the waterfall rocks where I was swimming and the other two while walking in the woods leaving "Fonias" (translated 'Killer' in Greek) canyon. It was scary for me but I think even more for the snakes. Thank god we both kept a safe distance. Anyway, what I want to say is that the first two days in town I felt an unexplained, undesirable, exaggerated and useless fear. A fear of negative thoughts, like something was going to attack me or like having a thief in my house. Every little noise I heard made me look around like something bad was there. And for sure heavy noises are always in town to make your nervous system go crazy. I even thought that the noises could be some supernatural beings. So now I am wondering where is the jungle? Where should I be most afraid? Is nature dangerous or can town sometimes be more aggressive making you feel unprotective?

Walking towards "Fonias" canyon

A tree cut in two crabbed my attention

Green colour and weird trees were plenty

Beautiful blue

V shape tree

Water was abundant in the island

Amazing dragonflies in sapphire green were dancing like pixies above the water

The waterfall is behind the rock on the left and the water was rejuvenating cold

Cats were everywhere very alive and friendly

Remember the snakes I was talking about. This was the bigger I saw and no no no I didn't shoot that picture. At that time I was too busy trying to putt on my sandals and get as far as possible.

The temple of ancient gods, Kaviri. Mainly worshiped in ancient Greece during 4rth and 3rd century B.C. This place had a wonderful energy and I couldn't resist from meditating for few minutes.

Driving through the green side of the island near camping, the other half was a more dry landscape

Not much of desirable seas, but the specific beach was so calming that I didn't realize 4 hours passing by doing nothing more than relaxing

Walking through "Fonias" canyon

Splish Splash-ing near the waterfall

Taking a dive. Dedicated to all of you getting ready for vacations...hope you have a joyful and refreshing time!


Katerina said...

eimai megalos fun tou camping k kano polla xronia!!!oi fotografies einai 8aumasies!!!!

Thalia said...

i am so jealous!!!!! i ve never been to samothraki and it seems like an amazing place to be!!!!!! i m happy u had a great time!!!!! hope the rest of your holidays will be like that!!! big smile!!!

christalenergy said...

@katerina, @thalia thank you girls!it was really special indeed...samothraki is so different from other islands, i think though is a love or hate at once relationship..and I loved it! :p

Anonymous said...

pwpw einai teleia h samo8rakh..alla poly krya ta nera stis ba8res re paidi mou

Anonymous said...

Η Σαμοθράκη είναι καταπληκτική! Με ταξίδεψες πίσω στο χρόνο με τις φωτογραφίες σου!

christalenergy said...

Welcome! Η Σαμοθράκη είναι όντως πολύ ξεχωριστή!