Friday, July 17, 2009

When shoes turn into aRt

Yesterday I received the call Ι was impatiently waiting for the last weeks. It was Irene Goulandri on the other side of the phone and told me the magic words... I have them ready!

Let me not confuse you anymore and let me start from the beginning.

About 3 to 4 weeks ago I visited a good friend from my previous neighborhood for some chitchat over coffee and I was lucky to meet there her other friend, relative and artist Irene Goulandri. Most probably you don't know but I have a passion for shoes and of course it took me less than 5 minutes in my friend's house to notice the fabulous sandals they were both wearing. They were so arty and at the same time seemed very comfy. They had something that I had never seen before so I couldn't resist from ordering 2 pairs. These 2 pairs I brought back home today after meeting I.G.

It really feels nice seeing the signature on my sandals.

I really like the originality of the drawings, that each piece is unique and of course what could be better than a pair of comfy, 100% natural leather, happy looking flat sandals in the summer!

Check more of her unique sandals here and here. And don't forget to see more of her stuff here. She is also into hats, bags, candles and much more. Have to admit though that she is not into technology much since her site is very simple, but she is easy accessible on the phone numbers you see on her site or you can visit her workroom in Athens, so I think that does it for me.

ps1: Her candles also are really something, but let that be another post.
ps2: I found prices reasonable.


Thalia said...

the sandals are really cool!!!
i cant wait to see them on u girl!!!!!

christalenergy said...