Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Twisted Am I?

This is not a cooking blog and it will never be. Don't give me wrong, I do love cooking and experimenting mainly, but I could not write much about the subject. Although today, as a weird day it is, I have been wondering around the house and balcony all day long fooling around or eating and cooking anything that came to mind.
So just a while ago I discovered some fresh mushrooms, the big wide & wild ones, in my fridge and because I love them I decided to cook them. I cut them to small pieces put them in the fry and after a while I added a mix of honey, mustard, white vinegar, soya sauce, rosemary, salt, chilli and few drops of lemon. Till now we are good, it's a very nice recipe by the way, if you haven't try it and you like mushrooms, do so. But here is the twist, after 10-15 min. that they were ready I served them in a plate and topped some home made strawberry syrup! Yeap you read right! And the 'twisti-er' is that I ate it. So, how damn twisted am I?

Cat, the snow white queen

Today as I woke up, not really early as usual, I stood by the balcony for a while peeking around. As I walked to the other end (my balcony is very long, you can jog around or just barbecue..hehe ), there she was, snow white queen captured me at once, the absolute independent female that dominates the garden.

I quickly run into the house, grabbed my camera and zoomed to take her photo. She was lying down on the grass in a hunting-playing mood, trying to catch anything that flew around her. As I was taking her photos I 'psipsi-ed' and she gave me her best pose, just like a real model and then disappeared in a glance of a moment, letting me wonder what had just happened like a real 'mysterious' queen. It was spectacular to watch and wanted to share.

For sure Nature did it again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lemon aromas

The day before yesterday I went to this fabulous cooking seminar organized from tasteFULL to know all about home made liqueurs, jams, syrups and sorbets with lemons and strawberries. 

Vicky (tasteFULL) with Tony Kavalieros @ the crime scene

And now I 'm so excited because yesterday I made my own limoncello, lemon syrup for homey-cool lemonades and a delicious strawberry syrup for ice-cream toping. 

Well, actually the limoncello will be ready in a month from now and I had a little extra in it. The recipe was with vodka, lemon peels and optional some fresh lavender, which I didn't had so instead I put 3 drops of pure essential oil of lavender (lavandula angustifolia)! I have no idea how it is going to come out, but I will let you know in a month.

As Vicky (tasteFULL) says, Life can be TASTEFULL!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to reality

It's been few days now that I am back from UK and my fantastic week at the Aromatherapy Academy (posts to come soon about that). Trying to get used to the incredible hot weather. Today it was one of those Sundays afternoon with three laundries and shifting the wardrobe from winter to summer clothes.

You 'll be wondering what's this on the photo above, well this was a ZARA cotton dress that didn't fit me anymore but found itself useful. I cut small pieces of cloth from the cotton dress, put few drops of lavender (lavandula amgustifolia) and placed it in a black storage clothes box from IKEA together with the winter clothes. This way my clothes will be smelling nice, while lavender works as moth preventive.

You can also try it with different essential oils; eucalyptus (eucalyptus smithii) is also a good one for this case.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sun is shining

The past three days I 've been going to the sea. It was so sunny I couldn't resist, especially when in few hours I 'll be flying to Britain for an Aromatherapy course at Penny Price Academy and I 'll be staying there the whole week. As you can understand most probably I won't be blogging for few days :(

I 'm so going to miss the sea these days, but on the other hand I 'm sooooooooo excited that finally in few hours I 'll be learning lots on Aromatherapy which I 'll be glad to post later...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No internet...are 'you' serious

What can I say for the last 3 days except that they are weird. Right now I am sitting at an internet cafe near my house. I don't have internet access at home and still I don't know why. Nor the telephone company that supports our internet connection has a good answer to give. They just decided to cut our connection, just like that and the worse thing is they will need something like 3-4 days to fix it back. So I was wondering...does these things happen to other countries also? And if they happen, does customer service sucks as it usually does here?
The days that passed for me had mainly to do with some home - fixing decorating moments. I 've moved to a new house, 3 weeks now and I 'm still trying to decorate the place and buy new must-have furniture. Like a dining table, which was this weekends' purchase. In my last house I didn't had a dining table (small-1 bedroom house) and I used to eat on the couch in front of the TV. Bad idea if you don't want to gain weight or get back problems. So moving to a new bigger house the first thing to do was to get that must-have dining table which I first placed eyes on at IKEA last month.

I 'm so in love with this table that I really feel like cooking more often and eating healthier and therefore loosing those extra kilos I gain last year due to stress(thanks to office work) and bad eating habits. So, here I am commiting to myself and everyone here that I will look after my diet and why not loose those extra kilos.

The other decorating touch that really made my mood and is still making me smile everytime I see it at home is some wall stickers of poppy flowers. I put them at the wall next to my rejuvance working / meditating room to make a sweet atmosphere as entering in and by the way making prettier the electricity switch board on the wall is definitely a plus.

Friday, May 01, 2009

New & Amateur

I don't think I mentioned it before, but I 'm very new in blogging and totally amateur. I 've been trying to fix the looks of my blog for some days now, but I don't seem to get any close. Below every post there is some link in spanish...what the f** is that...I sure didn't put it there. Hoping to solve it soon. So as very fresh to all these, several questions have raised my often should I blog? how wide should my subjects be? will anyone read? etc etc
Couldn't really give any answer, just that time will show. But I wish to write for all those things that give me EnERgY everyday to keep going, things that I like learning about and getting involved with.

Ohh and by the way you are more then welcomed to drop in if you have any idea about the "spanish intruder".