Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Twisted Am I?

This is not a cooking blog and it will never be. Don't give me wrong, I do love cooking and experimenting mainly, but I could not write much about the subject. Although today, as a weird day it is, I have been wondering around the house and balcony all day long fooling around or eating and cooking anything that came to mind.
So just a while ago I discovered some fresh mushrooms, the big wide & wild ones, in my fridge and because I love them I decided to cook them. I cut them to small pieces put them in the fry and after a while I added a mix of honey, mustard, white vinegar, soya sauce, rosemary, salt, chilli and few drops of lemon. Till now we are good, it's a very nice recipe by the way, if you haven't try it and you like mushrooms, do so. But here is the twist, after 10-15 min. that they were ready I served them in a plate and topped some home made strawberry syrup! Yeap you read right! And the 'twisti-er' is that I ate it. So, how damn twisted am I?

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