Friday, May 01, 2009

New & Amateur

I don't think I mentioned it before, but I 'm very new in blogging and totally amateur. I 've been trying to fix the looks of my blog for some days now, but I don't seem to get any close. Below every post there is some link in spanish...what the f** is that...I sure didn't put it there. Hoping to solve it soon. So as very fresh to all these, several questions have raised my often should I blog? how wide should my subjects be? will anyone read? etc etc
Couldn't really give any answer, just that time will show. But I wish to write for all those things that give me EnERgY everyday to keep going, things that I like learning about and getting involved with.

Ohh and by the way you are more then welcomed to drop in if you have any idea about the "spanish intruder".


Peg said...

Wish I could help you solve your setup dilemmas - not problems I had. Did you start from scratch, or pick one of the existing templates? I did the latter and had no problems.

christalenergy said...

Well I picked the simplest template that blogger provides, that is the "Minima" and to be honest I did reset it and put it again in case I made any mistake in the process...but no...that's just it! Thank you Peg, anyway...and I 'm looking forward for your next post.