Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cloudy hot lazy day...

I 'm in a rather lazy mood today. I don't know; is it the undecided weather, is it that I woke up late and had to pay credit cards and bills? Isn't that enough to start your day in a bad mood? Today is one of those days that I think about many things to do, but at the end I don't do much...I only eat much!
So everytime I 'm not in a very good mood and I 'm going out, especially for little boring jobs, like paying bills and communicating with people from public services (gosh I hate it!) I choose to wear my little 'precious' semi-precious crystal rings. I bought them last summer from a gem shop in Manhattan that was just next to the hotel I was staying.

Unfortunately the one of the three broke, the haematite, which was my favourite and at the moment I 'm left with the onyx and the rock crystal. But I 'm planning on growing my little collection soon and for sure adding an haematite again because is the gemstone that really makes me feel good. It's said that haematite helps blood conditions like anaemia and I have low iron in my blood. Of course haematite it's a chapter of itself just like every semi-precious stone. So I promise to come back to it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's get started...

I think it's about time to place the first words. You see it was in my mind to start blogging and sharing for quite a long time, but especially after such an inspiring afternoon yesterday at 9th GGD (Girl Geek Dinners) I don't think I have any other choice. So many many thanks to Vicky ( and the other bloggers for the inspiration and the little push I needed to begin with.

After a quite stressed day I need to relax, homey & warmy, so I think that my first post will be about my relatively recent invention of burner for ethereal oils. It actually consists of two tea-candle holders both from IKEA, with a minimal design and in a good price. And together they make something extra as a burner that is it takes more water then the usual burners and still there is space for the water not to be spilled out when hot or almost boiled. You see I 've already destroyed my old bedside table surface and the TV screen with the usual burners and learned my lesson well.

The above glassy candle holder of the burner comes in a package of 3, so you can use the other two actually as candle holders or invest to two more burners for the other rooms of the house. At the moment I have 2.
For relaxing and room scent I prefer Lavandin 'Abrial' (L.x. intermedia 'Abrialis') or Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). Generally lavender is good if you want to relax and especially for room scent lavandin is best.

So enjoy! I certainly will.