Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cloudy hot lazy day...

I 'm in a rather lazy mood today. I don't know; is it the undecided weather, is it that I woke up late and had to pay credit cards and bills? Isn't that enough to start your day in a bad mood? Today is one of those days that I think about many things to do, but at the end I don't do much...I only eat much!
So everytime I 'm not in a very good mood and I 'm going out, especially for little boring jobs, like paying bills and communicating with people from public services (gosh I hate it!) I choose to wear my little 'precious' semi-precious crystal rings. I bought them last summer from a gem shop in Manhattan that was just next to the hotel I was staying.

Unfortunately the one of the three broke, the haematite, which was my favourite and at the moment I 'm left with the onyx and the rock crystal. But I 'm planning on growing my little collection soon and for sure adding an haematite again because is the gemstone that really makes me feel good. It's said that haematite helps blood conditions like anaemia and I have low iron in my blood. Of course haematite it's a chapter of itself just like every semi-precious stone. So I promise to come back to it.


Peg said...

Hi, Christal!

Just a note - hematite is a gemstone that is most often found man-made, not natural. The more perfectly-shaped, the more likely that it's man-made. So I'm guessing that your ring wasn't the true gemstone. That being said, I can't comment on the properties that this or any other man-made gem may carry. How much of their natural cousins energies do they posses? That would be an interesting line of research that I haven't done yet, but this question is inspiring me to do some.

P.S. Thanks for the link to my blog:

christalenergy said...

Hello Peg!

Is it? I mean a mineral like haemetite, is it 100% man-made?!I 'm not aware of that... Defently all gems and minerals are very well polished, especially the ones used in jewelry, but can they loose their natural properties? I also believe that minerals and gems are alive organisms, and therefore they can possess the energy you charge them. For sure your comment has inspire me for some research in this topic and thank you for that!