Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9+1 about me

Ok, it's been a while. I know I could have done this earlier, but on the other hand these days I just felt like my hands couldn't touch the keyboard.

Anyway, I am glad to do it now and thank you Thalia and KnottyCat for tagging me!

So, here it goes...

1. Totally, deeply romantic. Getting too easily emotional. I have tears ready to leave my eyes at any time, especially when I get angry or sad.
2. I can do anything for a good romantic happy-end American movie. Even though I don't really live like that in my everyday life it does help me to relief from stress and become stupidly optimistic.

photo taken from here

3. I like dolphins, cats, tigers, eagles, monkeys. I love mountains, trees, rivers, flowers, waterfalls. And I totally, unconditionally adore the sea! The past couple of years, when I quit smoking I started swimming in winter time as well.

4. When I was younger I lived for a couple of years in Mombasa of Kenya. As I remember it now those were my best years of life plus the years I studied in college. And I think my Mombasa-years is why I love travelling and changing easily places of living. My dream is to live abroad for some years, preferably by the sea. I can live my whole life by travelling the world.

5. The word fReeDom & LovE is what defines me or at least what I want to define me!!!

6. From a very young age I dreamt of moving things with my mind, telekinesis that is. Well... still dreaming, hoping and trying! :P
7. I prefer alternative therapies and energy healing instead of classical doctors and medicines. I practice aromatherapy and I have Reiki (1st degree), until now I've made it with these two plus homeopathy, acupuncture, shiatsu and fasting therapy, oh and my dentist of course.
8. I love cooking. I find it very creative and relaxing. Never really follow a recipe rather than my imagination and food turns out pretty good I think. I also keep a blog with some of my recipes in Greek.
9. While in college I started making jewelry mainly with gemstones and used to sell them. I still make from time to time and so I opened an Etsy shop with some of my designs.

photo taken from here

+ 1. Lately obsessed with the Twilight saga. By far the best book I have ever read. I am finishing now Breaking Dawn, which is for me at least the best of all 4. Also this is the reason why it took me so long to post on my blog. The past 2 weeks, when I returned from Hinckley and the Aromatherapy course, I 've been reading almost non stop. Now that the book is coming to an end though I 've been reading slower because I don't want this to end. I also bought the dvd and today I saw it for the 4rth time. Is there something wrong with me? :o)

Now, it's my turn to tag...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Getting ready to fly away

I am in a strange mood today. The thing is that I cannot really explain why this is happening. I just feel that time passes by extremely fast and if for any reason I cannot follow I miss moments of life and sometimes I even miss the reason of my choices. Time never comes back and I catch my self wondering... why the hell did I then made that choice! It doesn't happen frequently and I never regret for things because I kind of know that "it happens for a reason"! But I just keep on wondering!

Anyway, in less than 10 hours I will be flying to UK for my Aromatherapy course. I haven't packed anything yet, as I already mentioned I am not in the mood today and I will just do it the last minute as usual. I am living very early in the morning and then I also have to catch the train to Hinckley. That is where the Academy is. In one way of course, despite my mood I am very happy... I will get to enrich my aromatherapy massage techniques and I will be back with more than 15 new essential oils to use in my blends and treatments! On the other hand I have to cheer up a bit...

My favorite Sigur Ros; this is a lovely song, one of my best that accompany me in good and bad times. Not really a cheer up song, but it is very special. Don't forget to pause the Energy Sounds playlist on the right before playing this.

Photos from a Hinckley park from my last visit on May; it's a very small and quiet town

By the way, my dear friend Thalia or else Thaloura Mc Clane tagged me in her last post to share with you "10 things you don't know about me". Thank you Thalia! I will write my post either during this week in Hinckley, if I get the chance or when I get back in a week... but wait didn't I just revealed some stuff about me...do they count! LoL!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sandalwood, not only a sexual tonic

My very best friend came yesterday for an aromatherapy treatment to relax after our last night's hangover. We discussed for few minutes a brief medical history and than I gave her the aromatherapy massage. What made it special though was the blend I made just for her.

Sandalwood, Juniper needle and Geranium

...all blend in sunflower and almond oil.

the "christalenergy" blend

my very best friend

She loves the earthy and yet fresh aroma of Sandalwood and I knew I had to use it for her still from our night out in the bar.

Sandalwood - Santalum album is a yellow thick oil with sweet, woody aroma with fresh overtones. It is a anti-infectious, neuro-relaxant and cardio-tonic essential oil. It is often used for chronic bronchitis, cystitis and coughs. It is very good for dry skin and a perfect sexual tonic. Sandalwood blends nicely with rose, black pepper, bergamot, rosewood and patchouli.

photo taken from here

Juniper needle - Juniperus Communis ram is almost colourless with a woody, balsamic, green odor. It is an anti-catarrhal, anti-septic, diuretic and neuro-tonic essential oil. It is used to treat greasy skin and weeping eczema and it is a very good kidney tonic. It blends nicely with cypress, citrus oils, pine and lavender.

photo taken from here

Geranium - Pelargonium Graveolens is used to treat skin problems and to balance the nervous system. But for more info about geranium and how I had used it for sun burned skin you can check here.

photo taken from here

I made this blend mainly for treating dry skin, stress, insomnia, balancing the nervous system, and giving a kidney tonic.

My very best friend EnJoyed it and I also gave her a small bottle of the blend for home use.

If you want me to make you an aromatherapy blend you can email me at christalenergy@gmail dot com. I would be more than glad to make you one just for you!

Also my etsy shop for aromatherapy blends will be up soon... I will keep you posted.