Sunday, June 28, 2009

Noon Summer Sun is a ...NO NO NO

Remember my older post about face tan and how it's not in fashion any more. Well, just wanted to make sure that sun burn IS NOT IN FASHION EITHER!
Somehow though it seems like some people over look the fact that noon summer sun is not healthy for the skin anymore. I go to the sea quite often and I do see many people sitting under the sun covered in tan oil or else "fry oil" for hours and hours.
My brother yesterday was one of them...he must have fell asleep for something like 2 hours, with no sun protection under the sun at noon time. Can you imagine the result? He came for dinner at my place afterwards and believe me, his back almost matched the dark red colour of my nails...

To relief him from the sun burn and to avoid covering him in yoghurt which he hates, eating at least, I mixed a gel with essential oils for his back...

In 50ml of Aloe Gel base
7 drops of Lavender/Lavandula Angustifolia
5 drops of Geranium/Pelargonium Graveolens
5 drops of Chamomile Roman/Chamaemelum Nobile

It took the burn at once, cooled him down and now that we talked over the phone he told me that he is already feeling much much better.

I chose Lavender because of its anti-inflammatory properties and because in general it is very good for skin conditions, such as burns and wounds. It has a sweet, floral, warm, fresh, homey aroma and it blends well with most of the other essential oils.

Lavandula Angustifolia/Lavender - photo taken from here

Geranium I chose again because of its anti-inflammatory properties and because it is very good for dry skin, since it's being regenerative and moisturizing. It has an earthy, sweet, lemony aroma.

Pelargonium Graveolens/Geranium - photo taken from here

Finally, I chose Chamomile Roman again for its anti-inflammatory properties and because of its chemical constituents that makes it a very gentle essential oil for the skin. It has warm, sweet, apple aroma and it blends well with lavender and geranium.

Chamaemelum Nobile/Chamomile Roman - photo taken from here

And all that in Aloe Gel base just to feel cooler and also because Aloe has skin healing properties as well.

"Moral precept" for my brothers case: avoid going to the sea after a whole night out clubbing with less than 3 hours sleep, most probably you will fall asleep on your sezlong and the sun will caaatch you!

What do you do if you get sun burned?


φάβα said...

ti wraio xalarotiko spa blog einai aytoo??? xairomai pou se vriskw!

eimai k edw (to personal)

christalenergy said...

...kai gw!Thank you..thank you...


Anonymous said...

ax naxa k egw mia aderfoula na mou etoimazei tetoia

christalenergy said...

:)))))) o ilios sou ferthei asxima kamia fora...just let me know!