Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Passion for Body

...body lotion that is! It all started last summer during my vacations in New York. If I remember correct it was the fourth day @ NYC and we decided to take a night walk at Soho before dinner. And there it happened, just down Prince street, a sweet little shop grabbed my full attention. It was Sabon, delightful natural products for the body and not only. I left everything and everyone and entered the shop immediately. After 20 minutes I came out with a big smile in my face and a little brown bag in my hand full of Sabon's body lotions in dreamy mixed aromas.

And that was it...from that day on whenever I see a body lotion that I would like, I just have to add it to my small (at the moment) collection. And everyday I use a different lotion, just according to my mood for a sweet or spicy or fresh or sensual soft skin!

The Family Photo

(from left to right-from behind to front row) Papoutsanis Aromatics-Musk, Kate Moss-Kate, Lavera-Body Control, Korres-Yoghurt, Korres-Mint Tea, Korres-Cedar, DKNY, Sabon-Lavender Rose, Sabon-Tropic, Aquolina-More e Musk, Lavera-Neutral, Lavera-Vanilla Coconut, Sabon-Ginger Orange, Avon-Bronze AfterSun, Origins-Ginger Souffle

The new summer supporters

The professional moisturizers

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