Monday, June 15, 2009

Huge Bazaar

After my blood tests today (I hadn't had some for ages) my mom called and asked me to take her at a cosmetics shop because she heard they were on sales. I didn't really give her much of attention but I said; what the hell let's go. It wasn't far away and I found to park relatively near. After a 5 minutes walk down the road searching for the cosmetics store I was suprised to see a huge BAZAAR banner at Estee Lauder's building. That was it! A big space at the back 'yard' of Estee Lauder, 130-150 m2 full of shelves and beauty products. I got in at 11.30 and got out after 2-3 hours.

No need for jabbering... I 'll just cut to the chase.

I got a little bit of almost everything.

Origins, rejuvenating hand cream. 75ml - 4euro. It's soft, not too oily with Rose of Jericho and a fresh lemony aroma.

Origins, body wash. 250ml - 5euro. Creamy grapefruit body wash and bubble bath. Haven't try it yet but it has a very nice bitter sweet joyful aroma.

Origins, make-up. 30ml - 7euro. It applies easily on the skin and it has a soft discrete smell. It has good coverage on skin marks and SPF 15. I hope it looks good even after wearing it for hours on a hot day.

Origins, ginger fest. 3 pack product of 125ml body scrub, 125ml body cream and 225ml bubble bath cream - 15euro. Haven't tried them yet, but by the first touch they feel good and they have a ginger-lemony aroma. I 'll try them soon and let you know.

Origins, lip balm. 4,5gr - 3euro. A soft lip protector with SPF 8. It has a minty taste and leaves you with a fresh aesthesis. I like it!

These are some MAC products I got.

MAC, longwear lipcolour. 8ml - 5euro. I like the colour. It applies well but if you don't put the shiny non-colour on top it really dries out and you feel like something is wrong with your lips. It's really longwear, but not in a really nice way. Trying to take it off after taking the photo above, I had to apply cleansing lotion, wash it with a cleansing gel and strongly rub it off.

MAC, liquidlast eye liner. 2,5ml - 5euro. I lately love purple that's why I chose this eye liner. It's a nice colour, but it dried out very fast while applying it and in result it got sticky to some points. Again it is a longlasting product that I don't really like. But on the other hand, what do I know from make-up?!

I also got a MAC bluish-green eye shadow. 1,5gr - 3euro. It has a beautiful summer night colour which comes out very soft. You might like it or you might not. I like it!

Clinique, touch tint for eyes. 7ml - 3euro. Liquid eye shadow, applies very smoothly and has a soft shiny white colour. You can see it with the MAC eyeliner on the above photo. I just saw though that this one used to be a demonstration product, not for sale.

Kate Moss, body lotion. 200ml - 7euro.
Michael Kors, body shower. 150ml - 8euro.
I fell in love with them. They smell fabulous. Very sensual aroma and very sexy, minimal design!

Lolita Lempicka, eau de parfum. 50ml - 17euro. No words to describe this scent. It is just one of my favorite sparkling sweet aroma and I looove the bottle.

So, this was a bargain, don't you agree?

Greek readers can find the BAZAAR at N. Psychico, Mesogeion Av. and Tzavela 67 str. The entrance is from Tzavela. The BAZAAR will go on until this Sunday 21/6 and it's already on for a week now. I am not sure, but I think it is open from 10 or 11 am until 8pm weekdays and until 3pm on the weekend. Sales girls were very kind and the time I went it wasn't crowded. And because many things are said about the quality of the products and questions have raised like why are they so low costed? Are they expired or something? To be honest I don't know the answer but I think that they are just stock and return products and I also heard that sales girls buy them as well. The decision is yours to make!

For me it is not all that natural bio products that I prefer and mostly use but this time I couldn't resist!Could you?!


Anonymous said...

nomizw pws ayrio 8amai arrwsth k dn 8a paw sthn douleia
mou trexoun ta salia!!

Anonymous said...

exw na pw ta ejhs!phga xtes k mas dinan xartaki me noumero gia na mpoume mesa k otan mphka ta misa rafia htan adeia..
oxi bebaia pws dn pswnisa..ta origins einai teleia!!!\
thanx love gia to mystiko!