Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Face Tan? Not in fashion anymore

I think summer is here for good. I 've already been to the sea more than 10 times and now I 'm more concerned of how I 'm going to put air-cons in every single room of the house to stay in instead of going out. Days are getting so hot that now I 'm thinking it twice before leaving the house at noon times.
Anyway, few days ago I got my new for this summer facial sunscreen lotion. I 'm using the same sunscreen of Lavera for the last 2 years and I 'm very satisfied with it.

It is 100% natural, with organic evening primrose oil and liquorice extract. Suitable for allergies and sensitive skin. Also, it is effective immediately after application, so I don't have to wait anything like 20 min. in the house before going out. I buy it for less than € 15 (in Greece) the 50ml and it lasts for more than 1 year. The only thing that I mind is that you have to work it very well on your face so that not to leave white marks; but at the end Ι can personally overlook that.

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