Monday, June 01, 2009

A "new" old brand

Remember mentioning in an older post that something is being messing around with my template. Some unexplained links in Spanish at the end of every post had haunted my blog and I had no idea what to do? Well, again I have no idea but the links just disappeared a while ago in an attempt of mine checking other potential templates for my blog. And at last the day and time of each of my post is been shown. Hip hip hurray!
Anyway, for few days now I 've been wanting to post some cool new products I got for present from some friends of mine after their trip in London. I was not aware of this British brand with natural herbal products that I was so excited to know about it. I 'm talking about Culpeper, a quite old brand of herbal products - essential oils, aromatherapy products, natural cosmetics etc. 

At the moment I have in my possession 2 essential oils and 1 pulse point oil, but I 'm thinking about ordering soon online several more of their products. Both essential oils and pulse point oil have a delightful aroma and soft mixture. From the first moment I fell in love with the pulse point oil of lavender for its discrete aroma and soft aesthesis and it has found its place in my bag. They have a beautiful, minimal design and of course full information on the labels, as pure oils should have.

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