Friday, July 03, 2009

DO Yoga, DO... Life

Yoga - a thousands of years philosophy, an exercise for the body and soul which I personally love.

You see I could really be into yoga and all this lifestyle, since I am a daughter of a yoga teacher. But I still don't know why I am not. I love yoga, especially Hatha and Iyengar style and I remember my self from a little girl practicing several of the poses with my mom. Even when I was older, in high school and college, I used to practice it from time to time. Now though I can't really find my self into it and thinking about it makes me sad.

Well, anyway I was looking at some nice pics on the web today and I thought of sharing them with you. I found them quite inspiring for me, so here we go...

photo taken from here

photo taken from here

photo taken from here

What I love about yoga exercise the most is that it makes me concentrate, listen to my body, feel my body and every single part of it and relax. And I wish I could do some of those stuff above in such a natural environment. It seems so life giving!

The "Sun Salutation" or else in Sanskrit Surya Namaskar exercise is one of my favorite and you can watch it step by step in this easy to follow animated video.

And in case you wish to buy any yoga accessories for home use I found some quite cool websites today ...check here, here or here.

Ohhh! I also found out today that yoga classes have evolved to... naked yoga classes!Check this:

photos taken from here

I am speechless!


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Katerina said...

Thank you so much for the comment!!!panta i8ela na dokimaso merikes askiseis yoga alla apo tis fotografies den mou fainetai k poli efkolo!!8a dokimaso kapio dvd gia arxi k an ta katafero 8a i8ela poli na parakolou8o kapia ma8imata!!!mou aresei to periexomeno tou blog sou!I am following you!!

Sweet Things said...

i have to try joga

christalenergy said...

@katerina thanks for the follow! oso gia ti yoga oi sygekrimenes foto sigoura den se entharinoun na arxiseis me tin prwti yoga...alla den einai toso dyskoli oso fainetai i akougetai...
@sweet things thanks fo rthe comment :) i liked your sailor hat at your last post

viki vale said...

Panta theorousa ti yoga 2cool 4me, protimo xoroaerobic stil gimnastikis, alla edo kai kapoious mines pira to wii fit pou exei kapoies askiseis pou tis vrika oti prepei gia streching! To gimno pantos den eixa skeftei na to dokimaso !)