Saturday, July 18, 2009

A butter from Bacchia

It's so nice having packages delivered to your door. I always get the anticipation like a little child opening the Christmas presents even though I know what's inside.

Yesterday morning the mailman delivered for me this small carton box.

It was my Murumuru hair conditioning butter I had ordered 4 days ago from Bacchia, an eco ethnical e-shop.

I think I learned about Bacchia from their facebook group and when I entered the on line shop I was happy to find out that at last a professional e-shop with natural products is based in Greece. I am not aware yet of another similar e-shop here. Of course I wanted to experience the whole service and this was going to be my first online order (apart from an Amazon book order once). I thought nothing could be better than loosing my e-shopping virginity from a Greek e-shop. So, I ordered their product of the month, the Murumuru Butter, a pre-washed deep-conditioning butter for dry hair from Amazonia.

I even tried it on last night. It really has a buttery texture and a peanut scent. I applied it on wet hair in the shower and I found it a bit difficult to spread. Also I had to wash them several times to take off the butter. I did found my hair quit soft afterwards, but nothing really extra soft. Maybe next time I shall apply it on dry hair first and wash them later.

My hair can get very mixed-up and I can hardly comb them sometimes. What do you do for soft hair?

ps: At Bacchia I finished my order in 2 minutes and paid from my pay-pal account. Everything was so easy and fast.


Thalia said...

its a good thing that u bought the product from an eco - friendly greek shop but on the other hand i am not convinced!!!!!

please let us know what happened when u used it on dry hair!!!!!!

Sweet Things said...

maybe i should buy something to:)

Anonymous said...

loipon to kalytero einai ladi apo karyda k ligo dafnelaio..ta afhnw olh nyxta k louzomai to prwi...8aymaaa

christalenergy said...

@thalia thay gave me more tips from bacchia about using it on dry hair and I will definitely try it soon and let you know

@sweetthings i have let my hair grow long and I have to do something more drastic to keep them in good condition...they r sooooo dry lately. marb's tip for coconut oil and a bit of laurel oil over dry hair for a night sounds good also :)

@marb sounds good...I used to use olive oil which is also very rejuvanating for the hair..i will try your tip for sure :)