Monday, July 20, 2009

Favarte does miracles

Saturday morning I had a new package delivery at my door. Just one day before leaving on vacations. I can't even describe the anticipation while opening my goodies this time.

It was the package from favarte! For finding out about favarte I actually have to thank chichipiru and her similar post a month ago. From that moment on I fell in love with the work of favarte. It's all about her technique of decoupage, her very unique papers and combinations and the touch she gives to the last detail.

She is mainly into jewelry and house-wares. I got a set of 4 coasters with colourful flowers, very summery and a lovely custom made door hanger for my Aromatherapy working room at home.

very carefully packaged with a thank you card

beautiful retro paper stickers closing each envelope

even the ending of the envelope is nothing ordinary

These coasters are just to begin with. Favarte has many different designs, one of a kind and I am already thinking about my next set.

a closer look

My door hanger for the Aromatherapy working room at home. Now I can blend my essential oils and have the little pixie at the door keeping me company.

We exchanged few emails, I verified my order from her etsy shop and in 2 days I had them delivered with courier at my door. That simple!

A package like this can make your day. Don't you agree?

ps: As I mentioned in the beginning this post was written a day before leaving for vacations. So, now that you are reading most probably I will be somewhere by the sea or near a waterfall. I scheduled the post to come up during the week, because I didn't feel like leaving my blog empty of words for days. During this week that I am away there are more scheduled posts to come up. Stay tuuuuned and En(ergy)Joy!


Thalia said...

great stuff and packaging!!!! i love details like these!!! have a nice time and re-energyze!!! ;)

favarte said...

Christin I had a great time making your order :)))
You are a very kind and happy person, I hope to "meet" u again!!

Thank you for this post!!

Have a great time!!

christalenergy said...

@thalia I just came back few hours ago...fully re-energized for sure...what else could i do next to nature :)

@favarte thank you for the lovely stuff...things like yours should never be kept a secret...everyone should have the chance to EnJoy the experience of receiving a favarte package!!dont you think ;)

Chichipiru said...

thanx για το Link! είναι όντως τέλεια τα coasters της αλλά και το door hanger σου...το ζήλεψα! μεγειές! :)