Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pure Bliss, a place to be

This was supposed to be a much older post. I went to Pure Bliss for the first time a month ago. A friend of mine, Rdekko, an interior designer was presenting fresh ideas for summer balconies. I had a great time in a great place.

All made under the philosophy of re-use, re-cycle and colour. More about the ideas of that day you can read here.

Pure Bliss is an alternative multiplace located down town Athens, very easy accessible near Sydagma and Monastiraki metro station. There you can enjoy your bio-coffee or an organic salad for lunch. You can do yoga or have an ethnic dance class. And of course last but not least you can attend to any of the free seminars or events they give every month.

That day I stayed there for hours after the coffee the carrot veggie pie (delicious btw) came and after the pie the cocktails. The signature drink of Pure Bliss...Vodka with jasmine I think...was fantastic. Even though I am not a vodka fun I loved it. Make sure you taste it if you go!


Thalia said...

pure bliss is indeed an amazing place!!!! great food as well!!!!!

viki vale said...

den trelathika me to super healthy finger food, o xoros einai poli cute omos!

christalenergy said...

ksexwristos xwros gia Athina..kai proswpika m aresoun ta diaforetika! :p
i alitheia einai pws den kserw gia to finger food...den dokimasa...i karotopitoula itan kali omos :)

Hari K said...

ooh i love pure bliss!!
although i have to say that it's a bit expensive lately..