Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9+1 about me

Ok, it's been a while. I know I could have done this earlier, but on the other hand these days I just felt like my hands couldn't touch the keyboard.

Anyway, I am glad to do it now and thank you Thalia and KnottyCat for tagging me!

So, here it goes...

1. Totally, deeply romantic. Getting too easily emotional. I have tears ready to leave my eyes at any time, especially when I get angry or sad.
2. I can do anything for a good romantic happy-end American movie. Even though I don't really live like that in my everyday life it does help me to relief from stress and become stupidly optimistic.

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3. I like dolphins, cats, tigers, eagles, monkeys. I love mountains, trees, rivers, flowers, waterfalls. And I totally, unconditionally adore the sea! The past couple of years, when I quit smoking I started swimming in winter time as well.

4. When I was younger I lived for a couple of years in Mombasa of Kenya. As I remember it now those were my best years of life plus the years I studied in college. And I think my Mombasa-years is why I love travelling and changing easily places of living. My dream is to live abroad for some years, preferably by the sea. I can live my whole life by travelling the world.

5. The word fReeDom & LovE is what defines me or at least what I want to define me!!!

6. From a very young age I dreamt of moving things with my mind, telekinesis that is. Well... still dreaming, hoping and trying! :P
7. I prefer alternative therapies and energy healing instead of classical doctors and medicines. I practice aromatherapy and I have Reiki (1st degree), until now I've made it with these two plus homeopathy, acupuncture, shiatsu and fasting therapy, oh and my dentist of course.
8. I love cooking. I find it very creative and relaxing. Never really follow a recipe rather than my imagination and food turns out pretty good I think. I also keep a blog with some of my recipes in Greek.
9. While in college I started making jewelry mainly with gemstones and used to sell them. I still make from time to time and so I opened an Etsy shop with some of my designs.

photo taken from here

+ 1. Lately obsessed with the Twilight saga. By far the best book I have ever read. I am finishing now Breaking Dawn, which is for me at least the best of all 4. Also this is the reason why it took me so long to post on my blog. The past 2 weeks, when I returned from Hinckley and the Aromatherapy course, I 've been reading almost non stop. Now that the book is coming to an end though I 've been reading slower because I don't want this to end. I also bought the dvd and today I saw it for the 4rth time. Is there something wrong with me? :o)

Now, it's my turn to tag...


Thalia said...

great to know those things about u!!!!
and kenya?????
thats amazing!!!!!!!!!

viki vale said...

afto to kolima me to twilight saga to exo faei ki ego! kathe mera checkaro ta fan sites na do ti ginetai me ta girismata tou Eclipse, gia na mi sou po poses fores exo dei to film!

Sweet Things said...

thank dear:***
yeah, that's me in front:))

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!

Sweet Things said...

u have to tell me what should i do coz u taged me

Chichipiru said...

θα με παρεξηγήσεις πολύ καλό μου κρυσταλλάκι αν δεν το κάνω το παιχνίδι;; με το ζόρι ανεβάζω ποστ...προτιμώ να πάμε για καφέ να σου πω τα 10 που δεν ξέρεις για εμένα! :) όσο για το twiligt..κι εγώ το διάβασα και αναρωτιέμαι γιατί έχω αμελήσει ακόμα να πάω για το 2ο της σειράς!

φάβα said...

χαχα και εγω βαριεμαι πολυ το παιχνιδακι, αντε για ελα νεα σμυρνη να παμε ολες μαζι, ακομα σε περιμενω :)

Μεγεια το μαγαζακι! Καλες δουλειες :)


christalenergy said...

@chichipiru + @fava ...xaxa.. ennoeite kafedaki apo koda soon!!!