Sunday, September 06, 2009

Argan oil for a hair mask

Remember I had bought this mask for my hair but it didn't work out very well? I tried it again, as I had promised to Thalia, this time melting it first and applying it on almost dry hair. Well, it didn't really do me any good again. I don't know, but after washing the buttery oil off my hair, it still felt a bit sticky.

Had no choice but to make my own natural hair oil mask. My hair is very dry, I desperately need a haircut, but till then I definitely have to be more caring with them!

So, I just blended argan and avocado oil, which are very nurturing, with lavender high altitude, sandalwood and roman chamomile essential oils.

I applied the oil mask on dry hair and wore a plastic shower cap for 1-2 hours. I only used 20ml of the carrier oils (and I have long hair) and one drop of each essential oil. After showering my hair felt softer and shiny. And, oh boy I loved the aroma, which really lasted on my hair.

Photos are taken from here and here. I put them together.


Anonymous said...

Μου θύμησες ότι πρέπει να κάνω κάτι κι εγώ για τα μαλλιά μου πριν τα κόψω...έχουν αγριέψει!

Sweet Things said...

thanks for information:)

Mairyliscious said...

kouklitsa ti kaneis ? h mhtera mou ksetrellathike me to koralo -roz kaftani to makru asummetro !!!
xarhka polu pou se gnwrisa!!!!!!

christalenergy said...

kai gw xarhka poly kouklitsa!kai xairomai kiolas gia to roz kahmeno 1-2 fores to eixa foresei mono... lol

Thalia said...

i ve bought the ingredients but still haven't managed to make the mask!!!!! we want more DIY masks!!!!!!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I have never heard of Argon oil :-(
But girl, you gotta try jojoba oil! You already know its a wax and not an oil and its one of the best for hair...also rosemary essential oil or extract can add shine to your hair too :-) Rinsing with cold nettle tea can help weak hair :-)

OMG, I just had to unload


christalenergy said...

Argan oil grows only in Morocco.. it's well know for its nurturing and anti-aging properties, it's full in vitamin E and rich in antioxidants and it is widely used in medicine and cosmetics.

jojoba I have in indeed very good...I sure have to try it in as a wax as well..and with rosemary... :)