Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to reality

It's been few days now that I am back from UK and my fantastic week at the Aromatherapy Academy (posts to come soon about that). Trying to get used to the incredible hot weather. Today it was one of those Sundays afternoon with three laundries and shifting the wardrobe from winter to summer clothes.

You 'll be wondering what's this on the photo above, well this was a ZARA cotton dress that didn't fit me anymore but found itself useful. I cut small pieces of cloth from the cotton dress, put few drops of lavender (lavandula amgustifolia) and placed it in a black storage clothes box from IKEA together with the winter clothes. This way my clothes will be smelling nice, while lavender works as moth preventive.

You can also try it with different essential oils; eucalyptus (eucalyptus smithii) is also a good one for this case.

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