Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No internet...are 'you' serious

What can I say for the last 3 days except that they are weird. Right now I am sitting at an internet cafe near my house. I don't have internet access at home and still I don't know why. Nor the telephone company that supports our internet connection has a good answer to give. They just decided to cut our connection, just like that and the worse thing is they will need something like 3-4 days to fix it back. So I was wondering...does these things happen to other countries also? And if they happen, does customer service sucks as it usually does here?
The days that passed for me had mainly to do with some home - fixing decorating moments. I 've moved to a new house, 3 weeks now and I 'm still trying to decorate the place and buy new must-have furniture. Like a dining table, which was this weekends' purchase. In my last house I didn't had a dining table (small-1 bedroom house) and I used to eat on the couch in front of the TV. Bad idea if you don't want to gain weight or get back problems. So moving to a new bigger house the first thing to do was to get that must-have dining table which I first placed eyes on at IKEA last month.

I 'm so in love with this table that I really feel like cooking more often and eating healthier and therefore loosing those extra kilos I gain last year due to stress(thanks to office work) and bad eating habits. So, here I am commiting to myself and everyone here that I will look after my diet and why not loose those extra kilos.

The other decorating touch that really made my mood and is still making me smile everytime I see it at home is some wall stickers of poppy flowers. I put them at the wall next to my rejuvance working / meditating room to make a sweet atmosphere as entering in and by the way making prettier the electricity switch board on the wall is definitely a plus.

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