Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cat, the snow white queen

Today as I woke up, not really early as usual, I stood by the balcony for a while peeking around. As I walked to the other end (my balcony is very long, you can jog around or just barbecue..hehe ), there she was, snow white queen captured me at once, the absolute independent female that dominates the garden.

I quickly run into the house, grabbed my camera and zoomed to take her photo. She was lying down on the grass in a hunting-playing mood, trying to catch anything that flew around her. As I was taking her photos I 'psipsi-ed' and she gave me her best pose, just like a real model and then disappeared in a glance of a moment, letting me wonder what had just happened like a real 'mysterious' queen. It was spectacular to watch and wanted to share.

For sure Nature did it again!

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