Friday, October 09, 2009

Save the Date

This Sunday (11 Oct 2009) the 4th Reiki Festival is taking place in Athens. It's a big fest of love with seminars, lectures, meditations, an alternative bazaar, many alternative therapies and much much more.

I can't wait! I have saved the date in my agenda since summer. I am definitely attending the "Intro in Crystal Therapy" seminar at 11.00. I love crystals and thinking about issuing them in the Aromatherapy massage. And then the "Rejuvance & Reiki" speech at 14.30, since I work the Rejuvance technique and Reiki I am very interested in seeing potential new ways of combining these two.

The entrance is free and it takes place at Athens Electra Palace Hotel (metro station Sydagma) from 10 am - 10 pm. For more info and the program click here.

photo taken from here

And as the Reiki principles say...

Just for today...

Don't get angry
Don't get worried
Don't be afraid
Work with love
Be grateful
Be kind to others
(I would add here: and yourself)


Mairyliscious said...

how i wish i was at athens once again to join !!! these days i am always in terrible mood....

christalenergy said...

Hey check is a video for some minutes of laughter yoga at home to uplift you mood :P

Anonymous said...

έτσι προσπαθώ να ζω με ευγένεια και καλοσύνη.. όπως λέει το ρέικι! θα κάνω τις ασκήσεις γέλιου γιατί πολύ δύσκολα γελάω και λίγο, δε ξέρω γιατί, είμαι δύσκολη στο γέλιο