Friday, February 19, 2010

Himalaya Salt - Crystal

The Himalaya salt-crystal took more than 250 million years to form from oceans that dried up. The Himalaya salt-crystal when is trimmed, turned and polished by hand it makes beautiful natural products such as lamps and candle holders. Most probably you have come across one. I own a lamp like for ages, don't even remember where I got it from and just few days ago I also bought a candle tea-light holder.

They have a unique yellow-orange colour and when the lamp is turned on or candles in the tea-light holders are burning, their effect is even twice as strong. The salt-crystal lamps/candle holders create an atmospheric light, and its harmonizing colour shades have a pleasant and relaxing effect on body and soul.

Measurements have shown that the salt-crystal lamps/candle holders emit vital negative ions that improve the room climate working as a natural ionizer. Very beneficial to our health negative ions counteract electromagnetic pollution in all working, living and sleeping areas and they also damage cigarette smoke and TV, PC and mobile radiation.

I always light my lamp at night in the bedroom to create a lovely and clean atmosphere. Here it's on my temporary bed-side table/stool (a DIY thing I did this summer, it's an Ikea stool).

Here in Athens you can buy them from Magenta shop in Sydagma or Essence Human Space in Psirri or Azima store in N. Smirni, which sells also online or maybe from Feng Shui stores. There is also a Magenta shop in Thessaloniki I think, it used to be at least. And if you want to buy them online from abroad try here, it ships internationally and has many beautiful stuff. From this last site I also saw fantastic Persian Salt Crystal lamps that create a stunning purple colour, hadn't seen before and now I want to buy one.


sugahspank! said...

I don't know much about inner energy, recently started downloading documentaries about the subject, love your blog, it's actually one of a kind...

christalenergy said...

@sugahspank! thanx :D

Admin said...

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